Cooking Class followed by Meal

Day/s & Time – Mon/Tues/Fri/Sat @ 11 am, Mon/Tues/Wed/Fri @ 5 pm Duration – Appx. 3 Hrs, Price – INR 4,000 per person

Learn the intricacies of the preparation of Indian food & some of India’s best known dishes by taking part in a fun class

A Culinary Experience suited for the Culinary enthusiast. Delectable Indian cuisine to Learn, Relish & Cherish for life.

This experience combines hands on learning Indian cuisine followed by indulging the tummy and heart with the delicacies cooked.

Class : 4 Main Course Dishes (3 Vegetarian, 1 Chicken), 3 Breads ; Menu can also be customised to all Vegetarian/Vegan


Full course Experience

Day/s – Thursday, Time – 10 am, Duration – Appx. 5 Hrs, Price – INR 6,000 per person

True art of cooking is to keep things simple yet delicious ; This experience aims for just that! It is in the true sense of the word a ‘full course’ itinerary!

This Authentic Culinary Experience starts from preparing some sumptuous snacks and indulging the tummy with it. Once the tummy is happy with the snacks, move on to learning some simple yet tasty dishes while perfecting and applying time tested nuances to your cooking. Saving the the best for last, prepare a easy to replicate sweet dish.

Relish the fruits of your labour ; end with a perfect Indian meal & dessert cooked by you with your very own hands!

Class – 3 Appetizers, 3 Main Course Dishes (2 Vegetarian, 1 Chicken), 3 Breads, 1 Dessert ; Menu can also be customised to all Vegetarian/Vegan


Curated Vegetarian/Vegan Cooking Class & Meal

Day/s – Thursday, Time – 5 pm, Duration – Appx. 3 Hrs, Price – INR 3,500 per person

Our house is beautifully facing a Hindu temple – providing the perfect  aura and ambience for a vegan/vegetarian and peaceful cooking session.

Dive into the experience by cooking up a bespoke vegetarian/vegan cooking class (as per your preference) & meal.

‘The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart’ – Gautam Buddha

Class – 4 Main Course Dishes (Vegetarian or Vegan as per your choice), 3 Breads


Food of the by-lanes of India cooked at Home!

Day/s – Thursday, Time – 10 am, Duration – Appx. 2 Hrs, Price – INR 2,500 per person

“Street food of India is oh so tempting. But…what if I get Delhi Belly?!”
Fret not! We have a perfect plan for you!

Not just relish, but also create some delicious street food & beverages in the comfort & hygiene of our home. Experience the street food you see on the streets, albeit in a clean & healthy environment.

Class – 3 Appetizers (2 Vegetarian, 1 Chicken) ; Menu can also be customised to all Vegetarian/Vegan


Curate, Combine & Create!

Day/s – Wednesday, Time – 11 am, Duration – Appx 3 Hrs, Price – INR 3,500 per person

Why stop at creating dishes and cooking? Let’s go a step further ; curate your own spice blends and combine flavours!

This Experience combines hands on learning of spice blends along with a cooking class of popular and mouth watering Indian Dishes & Breads.

‘In the cooking sessions, I am often asked what goes in each spice blend that makes Indian food flavourful. I decided that why just talk about it, why not create an experience where we help you curate your own blends as per your palate which you can then further use in the class and in the food you make.’ : Neha Gupta

Curate your spices and Combine wonderful flavours to Create Indian delicacies!

Class 3 Main Course Dishes (2 Vegetarian, 1 Chicken), 3 Breads ; Menu can also be customised to all Vegetarian/Vegan