India celebrated a festival on 21 Oct, 2017 : BHAI DOOJ

‘Bhai Dooj’ is a  Hindu festival which signifies the  bond of trust and respect between a brother and sister . On this day, sisters pray for their brothers long and happy lives by performing ‘Tika’ ceremony and brothers offer gifts to their sisters. In turn the brothers shower affection on their sisters with gifts and sweets. It’s a happy day for both!

Families – small and extended get together to celebrate the day.

As a child , I would await the day when my father and his 6 brother and sisters with their family’s would get together. All os us and my cousins would enjoy the day with fun, laughter and happiness!

‘Tikka’ is the application of the red dot on the forehead which symbolises good luck and being away from all evil.

Bhai Dooj culminates the end of the 5 day festival period in India for Hindus.