Saffron Palate Team

Saffron Palate is a dedicated team of three Indian cuisine specialists set in an Indian Home.The team has a cumulative experience of 80 years in the field of cooking cuisines from various part of India.

We firmly believe that good food and good company bring a cheer to the heart and happiness on the face! It is this mission that we pursue.

We hope to see you soon in New Delhi, India!



Neha was born in Jodhpur, Rajasthan to an Indian Air Force officer. It has been Neha’s good fortune to have traversed the scenic landscapes and the vivid cultures of the continent sized country called India. It was passion for cooking and of making the people of the world experience the rich culture and cuisine India, that made her get into cooking and home hosting. Neha has been a Corporate Trainer after completing her MBA for over 6 years.

Neha lives in the ancestral house of her husbands family with her in-laws on the first floor and she and her husband, Anmol on the second floor of the house. Anmol works with an Indian Bank and takes care of brand & marketing initiatives.


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Sujata was born in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh to Indian freedom fighters and has been cooking delectable Indian cuisines for nearly four decades. From the Northern Himalayan Mountains to the Western Rajasthani Desert, from Southern climes of Bangalore to the hub of Mughlai Delhi, she has experienced and learnt from the best traditions of India. She has been an administrator for some of India’s top schools and also managed a local Indian restaurant. She showcases authentic food traditions from kitchens all over India – from Kashmir in the North to Kerela in the South. She truly believes that the secret of spices is in the way spices can be blended, altered or coaxed into producing rich flavors.


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Jyoti was born in the Indian town of Ahmedabad, Gujarat to a Couple who migrated from erstwhile India(now Pakistan) as Hindu refugees and has been cooking the choicest Indian cuisines for nearly 3 decades. Jyoti firmly believes that Indian food is a true home cook’s cuisine. She has been an educator, a founder of a boutique travel firm and is a mother of two. Whether you are a experienced cook or not, Jyoti will help create an authentic Indian experience which is simple and easy to practice once you get back home.