Most suitable for Groups of 4 more


Market Visit, Cooking Class followed by Meal

Visit a local market to refresh the senses with the fragrance of fresh spices & vegetables. Also indulge in a hands on cooking class & a meal.
Duration – Appx. 4.0 Hours

An Authentic Culinary Experience includes an understanding of the basic ingredients needed for creating the perfect dish , applying simple nuances to it & finally indulging the tummy and heart with it. This itinerary combines a perfect culinary experience all in one. Its a simple three ‘course’ itinerary!

Visit a local spices and vegetable market. Get a feel of how an Indian would purchase the ingredients to make delicious Indian dishes. Also, understand the time tested yet simple nuances that need to be kept in mind when preparing Indian cuisine.

Relish this experience by enjoying the Indian delicacies cooked by you with some help from us.

P.S. Let us know if you wish to travel by the local metro/subway to the market/s! We would pleased to give you that experience too!


Cooking class with a Bollywood Dance Tutorial ; Food &  Fun!

Duration – Appx. 3 Hours

An Experience suited for the food enthusiast & who loves dance & music!
Learn both – to cook & some Indian dance steps. You can chose your song from a list of few songs and then grove to the music. Learn basic and easy dance steps of Bollywood Music to liven up any party!


Henna, Saree tying & Indian cooking class

Duration – Appx. 3 Hours

This experience combines all that we ‘ladies’ love – Food, Clothes & Accessories!

After a Traditional Indian welcome,lets get a bit ‘Indian’!

Cook some special Indian dishes and Breads, Get a beautiful Saree Draped with some Delicate & Beautiful Henna put on the palms and feet and enjoy the local experience.

Leave with a big smile on your face, cheer in your heart & a bag full of memories!


Co-workers or Friends? We say, both!     

Duration – Appx. 2.5 Hours

Combining hands on cooking with some fun & interactive games and exercises (team building, communication skills, leaderships skills, motivation & morale building) all set in a casual & informal setting.

Discover common areas of interest, friendships & bond over food & fun.