Cooking class with a Bollywood Dance Tutorial ; Food &  Fun!

Duration – Appx. 3 Hours

An Experience suited for the food enthusiast & who loves dance & music!
Learn both – to cook & some Indian dance steps. You can chose your song from a list of few songs and then grove to the music. Learn basic and easy dance steps of Bollywood Music to liven up any party!


Tandoori Cooking ; Indian Barbeque & Grilled Cooking Class       

Duration – Appx. 2.5 Hours

Best suited for the cooler months, learn to cook Indian delicacies using a barbecue and Traditional clay oven ‘Tandoor’.

All the dishes would be cooked in the most traditional manner and as authentic as one can get.

We will also share with tips and tricks on how the same can be replicated in a oven once home.

Accompanied with an open Bonfire to create the Perfect Ambience!


Henna, Saree tying & Indian cooking class

Duration – Appx. 3 Hours

This experience combines all that we ‘ladies’ love – Food, Clothes & Accessories!

After a Traditional Indian welcome,lets get a bit ‘Indian’!

Cook some special Indian dishes and Breads, Get a beautiful Saree Draped with some Delicate & Beautiful Henna put on the palms and feet and enjoy the local experience.

Leave with a big smile on your face, cheer in your heart & a bag full of memories!


Cook with mindfulness, compassion & connection!

Duration – Appx. 2.5 Hours

Experience the age old Indian Mindful cooking, where we take you through a complete journey of realising interconnections of mind, body and soul with food.

At Mindful Kitchen you will experience Mindfulness, Ayurveda and learn Mindful cooking through interconnectedness of Food-Mind-Body-Soul and how conscious cooking can transform our lives for better through conscious living.

Here we will experience connections of our Prana (life force) through mindful meditation and conscious cooking of Indian cuisines.

PS :

We can also do specific cooking for ailments like BP, Diabetes etc. and seasonal cooking to benefit health.


Co-workers or Friends? We say, both!     

Duration – Appx. 2.5 Hours

Combining hands on cooking with some fun & interactive games and exercises (team building, communication skills, leaderships skills, motivation & morale building) all set in a casual & informal setting.

Discover common areas of interest, friendships & bond over food & fun.


Right Breathing and Right Eating

Duration – Appx. 2.5 Hours

Experience a yoga session (1 hour) with the right breathing techniques which make all the difference. The session would be focused on bringing you in the ‘NOW’ and preparing you for a holistic meal.

Follow it up with a short cooking class focused on the purity and value of each and every ingredient. We will use all fresh and seasonal products and as fresh as it can get. The class would be vegan with an emphasis on the Yogic and Ayurvedic properties of Indian Food.