Guest Speak

“It has been a wonderful experience with warm hearted people; the food was gorgeous and very tasty. Thank you.” – Simone Jacobs & Beat Bopp, Zurich (Switzerland)

“Could not have met a better exponent of the philosophy Guest is God; True warmth and passion & wonderful hospitality as a host. Now i finally know how to cook amazing rice. Highly recommended.” – Matt Doran, Sydney (Australia)

“We came to this beautiful home and spent some wonderful time with a delightful family. We were thrilled to visit an Indian home and spend some time experiencing Indian family life. It has been the highlight of our trip. I will cook al your lovely meals when I get back home. ” – Susan and Gary Briggs (Australia)

“Excellent descriptions of how to prepare & adjust dishes. I loved to understand about how Indians eat & enjoy food.” – Lisa Dibbaijawan, Bangkok (Thailand)

“Thank you Neha for my favorite evening in Delhi! Your gracious hospitality is so appreciated. This night was much more than a cooking class!” – Nancy Bonnett, (U.S.A.)

“Thank you for a delightful evening of excellent Indian cuisine & good company. This insight into Indian cooking & home life lifted this into a truly special experience” – Christine New & Rick Beavis, London (United Kingdom)

“Thanks a lot for such a great experience & your fantastic hospitality. We learned a lot from your excellent cuisine.“ – Nestle Family , Mexico City (Mexico)

“A warm-hearted, eye-opening, and thoroughly enjoyable evening in an Indian home where everyone felt so welcome and comfortable. A personal memory of India we will never forget.” – Kurt Kutay & Friends, Seattle (U.S.A.)

“What a wonderful experience! A very special invitation to your home with such a personal touch.“ – Carol, Heather, Nicolette, Carine & Jenny, Johannesburg (South Africa)

“Fabulous Experience. A trip to India would not be complete without such an experience.“ – Peter Jeff, Guildford (U.K.)

“ Excellent Food ! Great Experience ! ” – Jitka & Tomas (Czech Republic)

“Best experience ever – Delicious & a true cultural experience , such gracious Hosts.” – James Romano & Rick Farrell , (U.S.A.)